• 70 x 160 Indoor Riding Arena (Sand footing / Well Lit / Not Heated)

  • 66 ft Round Pen

  • 1/2 Acre Paddocks with Wind Shelter

What's the Best About Our PARK & PASTURE facility?

Your horse's home away from home.

Where a horse can be a horse...

Ample space to turn your horse out when on the rodeo circuit. Use us as a home base during rodeo season in Alberta.

Stop in at RJ Ranch...You and your Horse's home away from home....

If you are moving and need a place for your horse temporarily... you are in the area for Rodeo Events and need a place for your “Home Base”… you are traveling horses and need to turn them out for a night or two before heading back on the road…

What ever your reason for needing a Horse Hotel…. RJ Ranch may be the place you are looking for.We offer ½ acre boarding paddocks at daily, weekly and monthly rates.While you are boarding at our facility you can enjoy the use of our 70 x 160 indoor riding arena and a 66 ft round pen .

We do ask that you book your time in advance to ensure that the facility is groomed and ready for use, and has not been pre-booked for private rental.

Group rates are available if you are looking to book the arena for your club or association for the day or a few hours. Either way you are ensured you will have whole space for you group alone.

Call today to book your arena time…